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Your Rainy Day Planned

Although we long for the hot summer days full of outdoor excursions, picnics, and bike rides, sometimes we can’t beat the unfortunate rainy days that come along with summer. In hopes of helping you and your family beat the blues, here’s a list of indoor activities you can do when the weather doesn’t permit for outdoor fun.

Trampoline Parks

What seems to be a new craze for younger generations, trampoline parks can be great fun for anyone and everyone! The perfect activity to save for a rainy day, going to an indoor trampoline park will keep you and your family busy for hours; having your kids talking and begging you to bring them again for the upcoming weeks.

Some great local trampoline parks to check out:

 Aerosports Trampoline Parks – Oakville, Ontario

 Air U Trampoline Park – Guelph, Ontario

 Air Riderz Trampline Park – Mississauga, Ontario

Indoor Mini-put

Though a fun activity to play outside, there are tons of indoor mini-put places to enjoy too! With glow in the dark activities, short and long courses, indoor mini-put can be fun for the entire family!


Definitely an oldie-but- a-goodie! With tons of local options, bringing your kids bowling can be a fun and friendly competition amongst your kids. Consider having your kids invite a few friends, or relatives, and make the day a fun family outing.